Daly Glass Art


Glass Stairway and Bridge - Ballard On The Park Apartments

Color Changing RGB LED'S highlight the stairs.
These glass stairs and bridge, installed in 2010, are located in the residential lobby of the On The Park Apartments.  They serve as the formal entry to the common spaces and the apartments.  
The owners wanted a featured piece of functional artwork which reflected their commitment to excellence in building design. Daly Glass Art was commissioned to design and create this piece.
The glass stairs are 1 1/2" thick, triple laminated, tempered safety glass. The top surface is kilnformed to provide a sutable walking surface as well as a sense of modesty.  The translucent surface sparkles and refracts in the sunlight.  The balustrades for the stairs are created from seven large pieces of 1/2" tempered glass with accent lines carved in the face. The balustrades are edge lit with 270 RGB LED's which are computer controlled to output a continuously changing rainbow of colors.  The stairs can be viewed by contacting the residential leasing office at at 2233 NW 58th Street, Seattle WA 98107  (206) 297-7275

Glass Stairway - Sparling Corporate Center Office Building

Looking Down The Stairs from 2nd Floor
The glass entry stairs for the lobby of this high end office building were designed and built in 2001.  
The stairs and landings consist of three layers of tempered glass, laminated together to form monolithic pieces.  The top surface is Kiln formed to provide a suitable walking surface as well as a sense of modesty. 
The stairs are in the Sparling Technology Center 4100 194th Street SW, Lynwood WA 98036.  The building is open to the public during normal business hours. 

Kinetic Sculpture - Waterworks at the QFC

This collaboratively designed and built kinetic sculpture is installed at the front of the QFC at the On The Park Building
Rain water collects from a large roof section of the building and is directed to the sculptural art piece.  
Giant steel hands hold a funnel shaped piece of glass by Rodman Miller.  This directs the water into a 4 foot long glass 'Leaf' by Chris Daly, which sluces the water over a stainless steel spinner. The water is then collected by 4 foot glass 'Pea Pod' and directed into a giant hammered steel spoon by Will Case. The spoon fills with water and tilts down to spill into a large glass melting crucible which has been reused as the cauldren below.  Water spills over the edge of the crucible and into two runnels containing glass rocks by Rodman Miller. 

Custom Fabricated  and Bent Glass - Residential Lighting

This client had a very specific CAD designed lighting fixture ready for production. Daly Glass Art faithfully produced their designs in glass to fit the tight tolerances of the custom machined stainless steel frames provided.