Daly Glass Art


Glass Making Workshops

Glass making workshops, are a perfect place to build your creative talents.  
We offer workshops in several disciplines.  
Class size is limited to ten people in order to provide personalized instruction. 
Class fee of 95.00 includes use of all basic tools and materials.  

September 11   2010     Kiln Forming Sun Catchers and Hanging Works
Come enjoy making your own ornamental sun catchers and hanging glass works.  Let your windows come alive with the sparkling colors and textures of your own glass work.  In this accessible class there is no experience needed to come away with beautiful glass pieces.  We will guide and direct you, gently supporting your creative directions and inspirations. This is a great class for a fun and relaxing Saturday.

October 9    2010           
Kiln Forming Embossed Glass
November 13   2010       

Kiln Forming Ornaments 
December 11   2010       

Kiln Forming Ornaments 

Weekend workshops are held from 10 am  to 2 pm on the second saturday of each month. The studio will remain open after the close of class to allow people to complete works in process if necessary. 
Ballard Art Walk follows on the Second Saturday of each month in the evening starting at 5 pm. 
The studio is located at 2629 NW Market Street.  
On street parking is easily available on Saturday mornings and is free west of 26th Ave NW. 
Kiln formed glass pieces are fired to between 1200 and 1700 degrees over night.  Workshop Participants may pick up their kiln fired pieces the following day between 12 pm and  2 pm, or by appointment.

Call 206-999-4960 to register.