Daly Glass Art



Glass is a special and infinitely versatile medium.  
Glass refracts, reflects, colors and modifies light.  
Glass tells the stories of history, in cathedrals, spiritual spaces and public commons around the world.
Glass spreads sparkling rainbows across a room captivating the viewer with shimmering light. 
Glass bubbles up from the earth as  obsidian, old as the hills and is in fact the hill itself in places.  
Glass has been treasured by royalty as far back as the Egyptians and Romans. 
Glass provides the transparent barrier between the astronauts and the cold nothingness of space.
Glass stops bullets and X-rays.  
Glass is the workhorse of the container and bottling industries.  
Glass covers and surrounds most of our tallest buildings providing protection from gale force winds and weather.  
Glass is an amourphous solid that retains its shape over time.  
Glass is my life work, my passion and my art form. 

Daly Glass Art has provided custom glass art for commercial and residential environments since 1992. We specialize in art glass design, manufacturing and installation.  

We create functional  architectural artwork in doors, windows and room dividers.  

We design and build stunning glass stairways as well as kinetic sculpture features.  
We fabricate table tops and custom architectural furniture.  
We create elegant solutions for your design challenges. 
Applications are bounded only by your imagination.

Our clients include Amazon.com, Microsoft, Boeing, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Fossil Watches, Daily Journal of Commerce, as well as hundreds of other commercial and residential clients in the local community as well as nationally.

We provide the following forms and techniques: 
Cast Glass
Kiln Formed Glass
Sandblasted Glass
Deep Carved (Reverse Intaglio) Glass
Bent Glass
Heat Embossed Glass
Fabricated Glass 
Machine edged, beveled, drilled 
as well as many others...........

For a design consultation or a bid on your project, contact us by phone at 206-999-4960 or through the internet at Dalyglassart@yahoo.com

We are located in Ballard at 2629 NW Market Street, Seattle, Washington 98107.   
The glass studio is open by appointment during normal business hours.